Strategy Saturday


 It was a highly productive, enjoyable and relaxing day —

Folami Prescott-Adams, Ph.D.
President, HTI Catalysts
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Strategic Planning Session

Strategy Saturday is designed for smaller sized businesses with small teams and smaller budgets.

Strategy Saturday is a full day session in which we take you and your team through a strategic planning process that will help you clarify your vision and goals.

A healthy business starts with a clear vision; a strategic plan and path for future direction.  This means your business must have a defined purpose and mission in order to set specific goals and objectives.

Strategy Saturday is an opportunity for small business owners to take advantage of a one day strategic planning process that will aid in the development of a one page vision action plan.

The Business Practitioner strategic planning facilitator will spend 6 to 8 hours taking a minimal of two team members through a strategic thinking and strategic planning process.

Throughout the day, the following will be addressed:

  • Situation Analysis (What is the current status of your company?)
  • Vision Exercise (What does the future look like to you and your team?)
  • Milestones
  • SWOT Analysis (What internal strengths and weaknesses does the company have and what external opportunities and threats are there?)
  • Goals 
  • Strategies
  • Mission Review

This is a proven strategic thinking and planning process that works especially well with smaller companies that don’t have three to six months to go through a strategic planning process. It is ideal for companies with 2 to 10 team members that can dedicate a day to creating their strategy.


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 *NOTE – Strategy Saturday can be scheduled any day during the week as well. For more complex organizations, we offer a full strategic planning process using two to three sessions.


Need clarity and focus in your organization/business or among your team?  It may be time for a strategic plan. Get your organization and team members on track. For more information, please email us.