Entrepreneur Prep Academy


Align Your Image, Build Influence and
Create a Lasting Impact


The Entrepreneur Prep Academy is a personal and professional development program for entrepreneurs. The program  helps you to Align, Build and Create your personal and professional skills so you can increase your image, influence, and impact and build the business you want.

There are 9 modules:

M1: Power
M2: Purpose
M3: Potential
M4: Preparation
M5: Persuasion
M6: Presence/Presentation
M7: Position
M8: Polish
M9: Public Relations

This program is for YOU if you’re ready to:

• Build your Personal and Professional Brand
• Heighten Your Confidence by Clarifying Your Purpose
• Understand and Connect with Your Power
• Increase Self Awareness
• Enhance your Presence and Presentation Skills
• Become More Persuasive
• Polish Your Communication Skills

What you get with this program:
 9 Training Modules
 Professional Development Workbook
 9 Individual Power Sessions with your Accountability Coach
 Guided Checklists, Resources
 Access to Training Videos


Program Cost: $897
Pay in 3 Installments: $299.00

Aligning your Image to Build Influence and Create a Lasting Impression