The Business Practitioner specializes in Getting it Done!

That means you have to take ACTION!

Execution is the most important KEY for moving forward. Staying focused in a sea of distractions can be difficult. In order to accomplish your goals it’s imperative that you stay on track. We keep you FOCUSED on YOUR Priorities.

When you’re overwhelmed with too much to do, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and unclear. When that happens you may find yourself asking these questions:

What do I do now? Where do I go from here? How do I get started? 

A coach will help YOU stretch, reach new goals, and move forward. Coaching provides fresh insight, clarity, guidance and focus and works for individuals, managers, business owners, organizations, and groups.

Do I need a coach? You are the only one who can decide whether you need a coach or not. Here are some common questions.

1) Can you tell me more about coaching services? Coaching is a unique, personal way to work towards your current goals and objectives. Anyone that wants to enhance their overall results, be it an athlete, executive, leader, professional, or business, can utilize the services of a coach. As your coach I will serve as your strategic partner, support system, and motivator to help you move forward on your goals, stay focused and on track. I help you define success for yourself, clarify your vision, and build confidence to do what you feel compelled and called to do.


2) How does coaching work? The Business Practitioner offers coaching via phone or Skype. We start with an assessment, then create an action plan for moving forward. You will have regularly scheduled communication that is convenient to your schedule.


3) What happens during the coaching sessions? We will discuss specifics such as your current goals and objectives, strategies to accomplish goals, your vision, how to obtain positive results and outcomes, challenges you face, specific areas you desire to change, your progress and accomplishments.


4) How long does coaching usually last? You determine the time you want to spend in coaching. An estimated time frame will also be determined from our consultation and your assessment. Coaching contracts usually run anywhere from three months to a year. We strongly encourage at least a three-month commitment to realistically work towards your goals.


5) What are the fees for coaching? We offer two primary coaching programs that run between $400 and $500 a month.


6) What do I get for my money? Great question! What you get out of coaching is what you put into coaching. Ultimately you are the owner of your success. That means you have to do the work in and outside of the sessions to get the benefits. Many clients share positive benefits that include:

– Increased productivity
– Self-awareness
– Clarity on priorities
– Improved performance
– More responsibility and accountability
– Shifts in thinking
– More focused on goals and getting things done
– Satisfaction working towards goals


6) Do I need a consultant or a coach? Take a look at our distinction between the two.


7) What is your background?  I have a BA in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology/Guidance and Counseling. I have worked extensively with individuals and organizations in the areas of strategic planning, goal setting, personal, professional and business development.


8) How do I get started? If you’re ready to get started, please complete the BizMI and schedule a FREE 30 minute Discovery Session.