Emulating Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Strategies   Recently updated !

He’s at it again! Mark Zuckerberg, that is. He’s changing the way Facebook does what it does, again —- and everybody’s talking about it. Apparently Mark’s personal goal for 2018 is to fix Facebook’s problems which includes (according to articles) “abuse and hate, defending against interference by nation states, and making […]

5 Questions to Ask to Move Into the New Year   Recently updated !

It’s Strategy Saturday and we’re “Being Strategic”. Today’s topic: Questions You Can Ask to Move into the New Year 1. Who else do you need on your team to support future projects and initiatives? When you ask this question it helps you better understand what collaborators and strategic alliances make […]

How to Handle Business and the Holidays

My favorite Christmas song of ALL time. It feels a whole lot like Christmas and less about work. With all the festivities and distractions among us, how do you keep it all together as a small business owner so you stay focused and productive? Here’s a list of strategies that […]